On deadline for my historical novel: 5 months and counting

Working on the back deck--spring has sprung.

Working on the back deck–spring has sprung.

After twenty years of writing for others, I am seriously working on my own first novel. Let’s be honest, I’ve been working on it for a few years—am actually rewriting it for the seventh time. Why is this taking so long?

It started out as a movie script for a variety of reasons, but the characters kept telling me it was supposed to be an historical novel, so I finally listened after the first few rewrites. Then I had to adapt to painting the description  in words instead of designing sets. The characters also did some morphing, but the story had to remain the same—it’s historical, after all.

What surprised me was that I had to find my very own story-telling voice. For years I have practiced putting complex ideas into an easy-reading format, keeping articles confined to short word-counts, and making my sentences clear and concise. Great practice, by the way, that I highly recommend. And novels are like jigsaw puzzles,  every piece has to fit into just the right spot—and there are lots of pieces—think  big picture while concentrating on the details.

The good news is twofold:

  1. This time it’s right—I like it!
  2. I found a publisher—Principia Media.

I have a two-month window to finish rewriting. Guess what I am going to be blogging about? You got it.

Join me on this exciting journey. Your encouragement and comments invited!

light sources: freckles




sun’s rays

haven’t touched

my face yet today, and I long

to feel their warm kiss on my skin,

eyes closed as I lift my face,

open my arms wide,

and bask in their


The sun has

been shining since before

I woke up, yet I haven’t made the effort

to soak up the sunlight and refill my fuel cells

to the brim, displacing any shadows

lingering inside and leaving

no space for their


So I stop

now and stand

in your light, eyes closed,

facing you, ears wide open for your

word for me today and

asking for freckles

of your love to

sprinkle my


Let me

show the signs

of your presence on

my face, in my heart, in my mind,

and in all that I do; may

your light shine



If I ran the world


Planet Earth 005

If I ran the world I would choose:

adoration over abstinence,

beauty over bravery,

cameos over character,

desire over deliberation,

entertainment over endurance,

fulfillment over frustration,

gifted over growth,

happy over hearty,

id over instructive,

joy over justice,

keep over keen,

lovely over lonely,

me-centric over maternal,

now over next time,

opinion over orientation,

peaceful over painful,

quick fix over quiescence,

return over restitution,

satisfaction over striving,

temptation over temperance,

unaware over upset,

victory over vying,

wealth over want,

X factor over xray,

yes over yearn, and

zenith over zeal.

The result would be shallow-rooted and stunted, with no knowledge of

cause and effect,

strength in weakness,

peace in the storm,

contentment in all situations, or

joy in the journey.

Because He reigns, I am learning to


depend on,

live for,

love like,

trust in, and

grow in God.

Hallelujah! The Lord reigns!

cry out to Jesus


The Four Seasons 013So many people I know are spending these winter days, weeks, and months beside a loved one who is dying.

I can’t always be there with you, at your side to sit quietly in support, to hold your hand or give you a hug, to weep with you…

So I give you music that filled my heart when I was in your situation:

with hope,

with beginnings that go along with the endings,

with wet salty smiles…

To all of you at bedsides, in hospices, or lying in the bed–God has something for you.

“I Can Only Imagine” by Mercy Me

“Praise You in the Storm” by Casting Crowns

“Revelation Song” by Jennie Lee Riddle, sung by Kari Jobe

“Cry Out to Jesus” by Third Day

“There Will Be a Day” by Jeremy Camp

“Your Love Oh Lord” by Third Day


light source: eclipsed by glory



David Crowder turns the meaning of eclipse
on its head in his song
“How He Loves.”

“…When all of a sudden
I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory
and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great Your affections are for me…”

God’s love
is the master eclipse—
its light the antithesis of earth’s shadows
of affliction, fear, anxiety, pain, sorrow, disease, or prison…

Even in prison
I am not imprisoned
in earth’s shadow of afflictions
because I am never so deep in its eclipse
that the darkness all around me cannot be dispelled by
His warm, light-bringing, peace-bearing, all-encompassing love.

“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love.
Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor
our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.”
Romans 8:39 (NLT)

Photo courtesy of Scott Platt.

light sources: eclipse



Can anyone see
you are a Christian?

Or, when
they look at you,
do they see a lunar eclipse?

Does the shadow
of the earth blanket you,
not allowing the sun’s light to reach you
so that you can reflect its rays?

Don’t you know
that, as a Christian, the sun
shines within you and
can’t be blocked by
earth’s shadow
unless you
let it?

The earth’s shadow
of sins and circumstances
cannot quench God’s

It is
when you choose to
blend in earth’s shade or
focus on the shadow instead of
His sunlight that your reflection diffuses
and your shine dims and is extinguished in the darkness.

instead, a light
so bright that you cannot
view it except through darkened lenses.
Focus your attention on His light so that it erases earth’s shadows
inside your spirit and brings back His reflection—
a light in the darkness that draws others
to you like moths to a lantern
fitted with strong mirrors
to impart light—
His light.

Can anyone
see you are a Christian who is
shining in the darkness despite earth’s shadows?

light sources: faith in the yet unseen


Waterscape 2429

The sun is shining
but how can I reflect its rays
when storm clouds of fear and pain
block their passage to
my soul.

My bed
is floating on a
flood of nightly tears;
my gut writhes and clenches
as I cry out to you for mercy and help.
How long, Oh Lord, how much longer must I endure?

Go away, storm! Although you may continue to rage
all around me, wreaking havoc right and left,
you have no place in my heart and soul
for inside His sun always shines—
His light never fails.

The storm
cannot destroy
what it cannot reach—
I choose not to hear its screaming wind
or watch for crashing waves that tear my life apart,
but to focus instead on the source of my
strength and peace.

I opt to
bask in Your light,
to remember all Your promises,
to center my attention on what You will have for me
no matter what the world and its demons
viciously propel my way.

Your light has always
still shines,
and will radiate without end.

The sun is shining,
and I will reflect His rays.

[Based on Psalm 6]

light sources: the man in the moon



Do you see him?

The moon is full, round, and brilliant—
so bright that trees cast shadows
and I can find my way
in the darkness.

I stand still and look at the moon,
in awe at the beauty,
whispering thanks
for the light,

and I see him—
the man in the moon,
looking lovingly at all on earth,
and I can almost feel my hand holding his.

Lord, I want to be like a full moon shining in the darkness,
reflecting you with my fullest capacity
without waxing or waning—
glowing with your light,
holding your hand.

When you look at me
do you see Him?

light sources: daylight moonshine


Town & Country 756

When the sun is bright in the sky—
too radiant to look at without damaging my eyes—
does the moon still reflect its light?

Surely it does on the other side of the world
where the inky darkness of night
covers the earth with shadow.

But I don’t look for the moon during my daylight hours
to wonder if its shine is waxing or waning
for I am reveling in the rays of the sun.

And so it goes in life.

In easy times—
when life feels under control,
when spinning through activities,
and all needs are met—
do I spend less time seeking God
who is my source of true light
and all my blessings.

Periodically, as night falls,
and I remember where my light comes from,
I fall on my knees and seek again
what I have been taking for granted.

His light is full
of grace and mercy
as he receives this prodigal child
with outstretched arms
and angel songs.

Help me, Lord, whose light never fails to shine.
This little light of mine, I want to let it shine,
even in the daylight.

light sources: tinies together



I reflect only an iota of light
because I am tiny.

Oh, how much light could be spread
if I was just one
of many miniscule lights
shining together.

Wait. I am…

white lights

…one of many
who contain the Holy Spirit fire.

God planned it that way.

Let’s light up the world.